In Dormitera products specially developed for students' needs for housing, the most modern volumes are designed to optimum sizes by taking into consideration the student insights.Our expert architects who lead the way with intelligent design philosophy keeps each design suitable to be built in minimalist, contemporary and every region.

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A large part of the students are educated away from the area where they live.The housing conditions of those who study in other cities are directly affecting their success.Particularly for universities, this should be supported by a quality life.Dormitera products specially developed for students; student residences, apartments, private rooms and dormitories.All private living areas; individual use, common areas social use are specially designed and decorated to serve the best.By democratizing luxury and taking into account the lowest use of space that responds to all needs, the planned products remove unnecessary and unused space from paying rentless rents.These opportunities, which are appropriated to the student budget, are modeled as profitable returns for investors.Dormitera offers a different perspective on the accommodation experience of immigrant students.