The Akşan Group is a group of companies founded in 1971 by the Şimşek family. Group companies, until 2016, have developed construction contracts, international contracting, manufacturing of industrial building systems and real estate development projects.In addition, the company has also implemented marketing, sales and customer relationship management for its own real estate investments.

It is the only contracting structure with an advanced technology industrial plant that produces building carcasses in Turkey. It has been the only structuring that makes the living spaces and generates revenue from sales by applying design and production in the investment projects that it has developed.

It has an industrial production capacity (Production of 55.000 tons light steel structure system in Çerkezköy Organized industrial Zone on 24.000 m2 land with 6000 m2 closed area) of 10.000 houses per year, with the facility which is located in the first and the biggest of Turkey, the first 3 facilities of Europe. Akşan Yapı and Akkon Çelik, between 2001-2016 years, more than 2 million square meters of domestic and international projects, production and application experience has created.

By 2015, this accumulation, which has been provided together with solution partners, has been transformed into a business model which will be transferred to local and international partners to be locally sited and to be served with a new structuring system in order to reach a housing acquisition system as in developed countries.

1971 - Establishment (Şimşek İnşaat)
1984 - Akşan Group structure (Akşan Yapı transformation)
2001 -Production of steel construction systems (Akkon Çelik foundation)
2004 - First cooperative application with steel construction systems (Altinkum Cooperative)
2005 - The first structure applied abroad with steel construction systems (Longson Student Dormitory)
2006 -First real estate investment with steel construction systems(Terrace Life)
2014 - Most successful real estate investment (35.Sokak)
2014 - The most successful branded house project (35. Sokak)
2014 - The most successful green housing project (35.Sokak)
2014 - The best low-rise housing project (35.Sokak)
2015 - Era construction (Industrial building solutions)


AKKON, has developed a new generation building ecosystem that enables it to have successful processes in industrial building solutions. This system is an up-to-date social solution that allows people to come together thanks to digital platforms.It is a way of having the cost economy with the scale economy and industrial construction produced with advanced technology.

The certification system that provides all the necessary training and application experiences to the solution partners is a professional procurement, logistics and on-site application solution for the smooth delivery of the submitted values.

Industrial building solutions are brand building components / volumes produced in controlled environments with lean production techniques other than construction site.It solves most of the manufacturing except for the construction site, thereby improving the time, costs, quality, health factors and security.

Production is millimeter sensitive; after quality control tests are shipped. Components complying with international norms can be traceability to the end of the life cycle. Achieving the expected result is the culmination. It is possible to maintain continuity of quality. Error-free products are delivered. Productivity is at the highest level. Access to current manufacturing information, tracking and reporting is easy. It is possible for different stakeholders to meet on a common digital platform.

ERA which is managed by instant data and can respond to the requests for personalization, is the platform for choosing the new generation structure, location, structure, design and qualities.


AKKON, provides user information (big data) to business partners on the way to the industry 4.0 transformation. With the full integration of the SOLUTION PARTNERS it incorporates into the system, it provides a successful business volume while also providing its SUPPLIERS with continuous production possibility with a new puzzle scale economy.

AKKON, solves the insufficiency of capital by bringing real buyers together instead of the purchasing and building power that contractors must undertake alone.Furthermore, project finance is constituted by the real financiers.Even in spite of rising interest rates in this method, the reduction of supply is much slower than other methods.

ERA, provides services such as social integration, legal and financial solutions, land design, design and projecting, smooth supply, millimetric production, professional logistics and competent application to its customers while providing process trainings and digital marketing services to its solution partners.

ERA solution partners; social digital portal managers, free entrepreneurs, landowners, management, marketing and legal advisers, customer financing partner banks, cooperative management boards and individual customers.

ERA supplier partners; the building carcass can be grouped as AKKON, other building material manufacturers, designers, projecs, specially trained solution partners to carry out on-site construction applications, logistics.


AKKON, also offers the widest personalization possibilities to choose where to live, where to live, where to live, the neighbors to live while providing the structure with the "real cost " that is at the top of the end users' unmet needs.

In the whole process, the customers make their most important decisions for themselves with their own wishes and preferences.