Koopera; It is the new generation housing development model born from the strength of moving together.It focuses on the benefits of not the investor, but the gathered needy as in all today's housing acquisition systems.Investor gains; it is an honest, transparent and supervisable movement that really gives the investor, that is, the united, power-driven partners to their partners.

Koopera; The developer pays the profit to the partner making the investment and the real owner of the investment.The cost of the land consists of the actual land cost and construction cost.Koopera partners decide on both financials.

Koopera;Relationships between partners, relationships between partners and contractors, relationships between partners and financial institutions, relationships between partners and public institutions; Cooperatives numbered 1163 are regulated by law.Thus, the rights of all parties are guaranteed.Today, all existing residential systems in our country are limited to consumer law and building codes; the only law focusing on the interests of the real needs holder is the law number 1163.

Koopera; All the shortcomings within the traditional cooperative system are the model of a new generation of communicative housing, where all the uncertainties are gone and all contemporary possibilities are offered to the partners.



  • A new generation of cooperatives is an ecosystem that enables you to have successful processes in industrial building solutions.
  • It is an up-to-date social solution that allows you to get together with digital platforms.
  • İleri teknolojiler ile üretilmiş endüstriyel yapılara ölçek ekonomisi ile ve maliyetine sahip olma yöntemidir.
  • It is the management system that provides the solution partners with all necessary training and application experiences, and certifies and monitors continuously.
  • It is a professional procurement, logistics and on-site application solution for smooth delivery of the submitted values.
  • The location, structure, design and qualities of the people to intervene together are the selectable platforms.
  • It is a method of acquiring structure that is managed by instant data and can respond to personalization requests.

The next generation cooperatives ecosystem ...
Social synergy.
Democratic administration.
Economical and transparent.
Respects to participants, economy and nature.

Our services

  • Legal Counseling
  • Financial Solutions
  • Social Integration
  • Cooperative Management Consultancy
  • Land Supply
  • Design and Projecting
  • Unproblematic Supply
  • Milimetric Production
  • Professional Logistics
  • Competent Application
  • Digital Marketing

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